Move different

Instant System supports its customers with implementation of intelligent transportation systems and “Mobility as a Service” projects in “white label.

The expertise of Instant System results from the development and operation of Instant Hub (real time mobility center) as well as its core business experience in broadcasting multimodal information through digital medias as web and mobile.

The company relies on its R & D team and its partnerships with research laboratories (INRIA) to offer innovative solutions adapted to new mobility modes.

Future IS now

Instant System develops and markets a « white label » suite of digital solutions dedicated to mobility for Government entities, transport operators and private companies.

Solutions offered by Instant System are built around a growth hacking strategy which allows us to optimize the support to our customers and build with them a real B2C strategy.

Finally, Instant System places at the center of its B2C strategy, strategic KPIs & Metrics that allow the customer to better know its users and provide them adapted mobility solutions.

New age solutions

Real time bus tracking
Multimodality in every detail
Carpooling within multimodality core
Pay your ticket with your smartphone

“Moving and self locating in the urban mobility jungle is becoming a problem all over the world. That’s why we exist.” 

Yann - Hervouët

More than 1,5 m users move through our apps.

Retention rate

Nearly 90% of our users relaunch our apps after a first use.

B2B Customers

Ile de France, Nouvelle acquitaine, Pays de Loire, Hyderabad...

Kms Traveled

Millions of KM traveled thanks to Instant System applications.

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